03~ A gentleman


I stood in the lounge with my head bowed and a tray with glasses of juice in my hands. This was how Adrian had always wanted me to receive his guests. 

To him it made me look submissive and humble. The ideal Luna. 

My wolf suddenly stirred inside me and perked her ears. She had been quiet since the wolfsbane was affecting her but she suddenly became restless and began to pace around in my head, making me dizzy. 

What was wrong with her? I wish I could talk to her but sadly, we couldn’t communicate with our wolf counterparts but they could project their feelings onto us or show us visuals of what they would like to say. 

My wolf wasn’t doing that. At least if she sent a pic to my mind or something, I would know what was up with her. 

The door opened and the men entered with Adrian chattering, trying to kiss Alpha Manuel’s ass. What a dickhead. 

I was suddenly hit by an intoxicating scent that almost knocked me senseless. It was so strong and mouth-watering, making me salivate. Sandalwood and grapefruit, with a hint of peppermint. So appealing, so alluring and tantalizing. I couldn’t help but take a few whiffs and roll my eyes to the back of my head discreetly, it smelt so good. And with it, I felt my core throb with an aching need I had never felt before. 

What was happening?

I was suddenly pulled out of my thoughts when it hit me. This scent... I opened my eyes wider and lifted my head, only to meet with cerulean blue eyes staring back at me. 

My heart skipped a beat. Damn. 

The tall man in front of me had medium brown hair that was styled into a half-bun, with the other half let down. He had a light beard with a trimmed mustache. His squarish face was well-defined and he had a dangle cross platinum earring on his left ear that glinted when he moved his head. 

At the sight of him, I felt a strong pull in my heart beckoning me to throw myself into the Alpha male’s arms. 

This strange feeling. 

He was…


The tray in my hands slipped from my fingers and fell to the ground, shattering the glasses to pieces. 

No… this is not happening. Did I just meet my mate? Worse off, as a Luna of another Alpha? 

I stood frozen, my heart galloping vigorously against my ribcage. 

“Lea, what the fuck are you doing? Can you clean that up, now!” Adrian’s sharp voice snapped me out of my reverie. 

I could still feel those blue eyes on me and I suddenly felt self-conscious. My dress was loose on my body and not attractive at all. Adrian made me wear clothes that didn’t show my curves. He said it was to protect me from vultures. 

Tears stung my eyes as my whole world came crumbling down. Manuel, was my mate?

Sweat coated my forehead and I swallowed empty air. I was so embarrassed I wished a hole could suddenly open in the ground so I could crawl into it and hide.

“Lea!” Adrian growled, making me jump in surprise and in a moment of panic, I stepped on the shards of glass and they pierced my bare foot. 

It hurt so I took a step back, flinching when pain jolted up my leg. 

“Pathetic! Get lost, now! I’m sorry Alpha Manuel. My Luna is having a bad day.” 

I stared at my feet, feeling stupid.  How I wish this was all a dream. I had made a fool out of myself in front of my fated mate. 

Before I could wallow further in self-pity. I felt someone scoop me up bridal style. Sparks and tingles I had never felt before shot down my spine, almost making me moan in pleasure. 

I knew who it was before I could even see his face. 

At the sudden electrifying touch, my heart began to race and I felt my core clench repeatedly. How could a person’s touch feel like I was in heaven?

I dared not look up at Manuel who was carrying me. I was both excited and scared. Excited by his touch that made my core throb and scared about what Adrian might do to me. 

He walked to a couch and placed me down gently.

 “Are you okay?” He asked and when I looked up, I was met with his sexy eyes that were filled with concern. 

My heart skipped two beats.

Goddess, even his voice sounded like the music from angel Gabriel’s harp in the heavenly realm. Not that I’ve heard it before. Manuel’s voice was so deep and sexy. I retracted my gaze from his. It was doing something to me. Making me feel things…

“I’m fine,” I said in an almost inaudible voice but I was sure he heard including everyone in the lounge. 

“Um… Let me take care of it.” Adrian’s gingerly voice met our ears. 

“Why don’t you find someone to clean this up instead of treating your Luna like trash? Is this how you treat women in your pack?” Manuel cut off Adrian in a sharp cold tone. 

Adrian smiled sheepishly but I didn’t miss the secret nasty look he threw at me. I immediately sensed that his gaze was directed to Manuel’s hand that was still on my shoulder, seeping warmth into my body. Even though I didn’t want to, I shrugged his hand off. 

“I’m ok. Thanks.” I tried to get up but he pressed me down. 


I had no choice but to agree when he used a powerful tone on me. It wouldn’t look good if I pissed him off. 

Manuel went on one knee and held my leg up. I jolted back, trying to pull it back, blushing profusely as I tried to recall what type of underwear I wore today and if it was nice and sexy. 

I would be mortified if I wore one of those comfortable panties I use for when I’m on my period. 

“Stay still.” He scolded huskily and brought my leg a little lower so that the inside of my dress was not open for all to see.  

I felt my face heat up and I sheepishly looked at his people dressed in black suits and dark sunglasses standing guard. 

They were all looking at what he was doing with serious faces.

I gave Manuel a once over. He was wearing a white button-down shirt and had casually rolled the sleeves up his arms with black pants. Three buttons were left open and I could see his toned chest. I felt touched, watching him remove the pieces of glass from my foot with care. His eyes would squint occasionally and I was mesmerized by how hot he looked. 

Tingles erupted between our skin from where he held my foot in his hand. 

“If these are left like this they could get buried in your skin.” He said and stood up. “Emilio, throw these pieces out.” 

A young man with blond shoulder-length hair and brown eyes who was dressed in a powder blue shirt and tanned pants walked forward and got the pieces of glass from Manuel's hands. “Yes, Alpha.”

“I’m sure you’re okay now, Lea.” Manuel said, wiping the blood from his hands and shoving his hands into his pockets while staring deeply at me. 

My name rolling off his tongue sounded so natural. Like he was meant to say my name forever. I felt warm by his care. 

“Lea, you can go and bring out the women for Alpha Manuel to check if one of them is his mate.” Adrian’s haunting voice reached my ears and my stomach turned. 

Right. How could I forget Manuel was here to find his mate? But his mate was me, does it mean he would get a chosen?

My heart dropped at the thought. I suddenly felt an inexplicable feeling in my chest. 

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So far it's really good. The intense is there. Can't wait to read more!!!
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Helen Venter
Interesting book don't like the abuse, but it happens

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