04~ Choosing a mate


“What are you doing? Alpha Manuel is waiting.” 

I snapped out of my reverie when Adrian raised his voice again. Right, I guess it’s all good that he finds another mate. After all, I was marked and tainted by another man. 

My eyes stung and I blinked back the tears that threatened to fall.

 “I’ll be right back.” I said, bowing in reverance. 

I went to the guest room where I had placed the unmated she-wolves from the pack house. They were all excited, dolling themselves up. It seemed everyone wanted to be mated to the great Alpha Manuel.

I mean, who wouldn’t? I had wet my panties just from locking eyes with him. His name alone was enough to make women fall at his feet. 

He was handsome. His body rivaled a greek-god’s and he exuded dominance and power. 

 He was my mate. Mine. Yet I was the one taking females for him to choose from. 

“Are you ready ladies? The Alpha is here.” I hid my displeasure and asked. 

The ladies squealed in excitement. 

“Is he as handsome as he’s rumored to be?”

“Is he hot and sexy? With a scar on his face from his legendary battles?” The girls' eyes turned dreamy while some fanned their faces with their hands.

“I can’t wait to find out what he’s packing.” 

They all giggled happily but this time I didn’t join them. My heart was squeezing painfully and I felt like a lump was lodged in my throat. 

This man they were lusting over was supposed to be mine. A strange surge of jealousy bloomed inside me and I felt my wolf bare her teeth, almost growling but I stopped her in time. 

“Luna… are you ok?” Arissa who had changed into a beautiful pink pencil dress asked me. She looked beautiful with her hair tied up into a neat high ponytail. 

Perhaps Manuel likes these types of girls. Innocent and sweet with no traumatic past. 

I shook my head to erase those thoughts, raising my hand and tucking some stray hair behind her ear. 

“You look stunning. I’m sure Alpha Manuel will choose you.” 

Even though it hurt me to say, I hoped he would choose Arissa. She was kind and hardworking. She would be able to mend his broken heart just in case he felt disappointed that his mate was already mated to someone else. 

“Thank you, Luna. I’m nervous though. What if he doesn’t choose me?” Arissa said, looking at me anxiously. 

I cupped her face and looked into her eyes.

 “Then he’s a fool. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful woman like you?” I remarked.

She smiled sheepishly and fidgeted with her fingers and this time, I laughed for real. She was so cute. 

Will Manuel think so too? Pain crushed my heart but I ignored it. 

“Ok ladies, follow behind me.” I said to everyone in the room and forced a smile that didn’t reach my eyes. “Good luck.” 

I felt guilty because deep down I didn’t really mean that. A part of me was selfish and didn’t want my fated mate to choose someone else. Was I a bad person for thinking this way?

I led them downstairs with a heavy heart. When we got to the lounge, Manuel was seated on a couch with one leg on top of the other, smoking a cigarette. 

He looked arrogant and confident like he owned the place. 

My wolf stirred inside me once again, I could feel her panting and salivating. She sent me an image of me straddling Manuel and grinding on him right on that white couch. 

I shook my head to erase the image. This was not a good time to get turned on. Bodyguards stood on guard around the sitting room and Manuel made Adrian look like a small fry. He was seated timidly like he wasn’t the owner of the house. 

If this was a different situation, I would have laughed at his predicament. But I was in my own turmoil. 

I was helping my mate choose another female. How I wish we never crossed paths. Ever. 

After making the females stand in a straight line facing Manuel, I bowed at him. 

“These are the unmated she-wolves in our pack.”

There was a tense silence after I said that. I raised my head only to meet deep broody blue ones. My heart began to race fast and hard. 

Why was he staring at me like that? He looked pissed off and it was making me nervous. Regardless, I tried my best to remain calm. 

“Introduce yourselves so that Alpha Manuel can know you better.” Adrian said to the ladies and I stepped away from them as they began to step forward and introduce themselves to the man who looked unbothered. 

Arissa was the last one to step forward. Her heart was racing and she was trembling. She looked at me and I smiled at her, giving her an encouraging smile. ‘You can do this.’ I mouthed at her and she nodded. 

“My name is Arissa York. I’m the head Omega in this pack. The white cloud pack. I may be an Omega but I’m strong and know how to run things around the pack. If chosen I can be both the Luna and mate you need.” 

Arissa seemed to get Manuel’s attention. His eyes snapped towards her and he gave her a once over, nodding slightly in approval. My chest constricted. 

This was what I wanted right? He was better off with a woman who could only be his. But why did my heart hurt so much?

Arissa stepped back in line with a huge grin on her face while the other females gave her the stink eye. 

“Alpha Adrian, you have beautiful women in your pack.” The man called Emilio said from where he sat on the right side of Manuel. “I’m sure my Alpha is having a hard time choosing. That’s why he’s quiet.” 

“Oh really?” Adrian laughed as his eyes turned greedy. “Don’t worry Alpha, you can pick more if you want. The more, the merrier.” 

I felt disgusted by his remark. I knew he bedded most of the Omegas in the pack. He knew I knew but he still did it every day. But how could he suggest for Manuel to pick more women?

“Is that how you’ve been treating your Luna? You have side pieces?” Manuel narrowed his eyes at Adrian who shrank back into his seat, his tone was ice-cold. 

“Of course not. She’s the love of my life. I would never.” Adrian cleared his throat and changed the subject. “Do you find any appealing flower that you would like to pick?” 

Manuel looked back at the line of females lazily until his eyes found mine. 

“Yes, actually, I do.” Manuel’s reply came and I felt my heart leap out of my chest. It was that look again. 

“You do? Who is it among the ladies?” Adrian asked excitedly. I was sure dollar signs could be seen shining in his eyes right now. 

My heart was pounding hard against my ribcage as the silence stretched. I had resigned to my fate but I couldn’t help but feel depressed that I had let my mate slip through my fingers. 

Manuel took a drag of his cigarette and exhaled the smoke elegantly. He was looking very calm. Clearly oblivious to the many hearts that were accelerating due to the anxiety of waiting for him to make a choice. 

 “I choose...” 

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