06~ Dangerous


My heart was pounding erratically as Manuel skimmed through the females and I had a hard time trying to act normally. Will it hurt me when he chooses his Luna?

Yes. It would.

 In fact, I already felt like someone had their hand wrapped around my heart, squeezing it. 

Goddess, please give me strength. This jealousy… it will kill me. 

“Yes… tell us. Whom do you choose? Who has captured the eye of the most powerful Alpha?” Adrian asked Manuel with a greed-laced voice. 

He was power-hungry and this was an opportunity for his pack to thrive by strengthening his connections with the Salvatore Mafia. I felt my stomach churn when he offered for Manuel to pick more girls. He didn’t treat them like they were living beings. Dishing them out like they were free food.

How could I have not seen him for who he was years ago?

The sight of him now made me sick. 

Manuel took his time to respond. I didn’t know why he kept staring at me but his scorching gaze was making me nervous. 

As if sensing my unease, he smirked, a mischievous look on his face. 

“I’ll let you know after we sign the contract and the money has been transferred to you.” 

When he said this, his eyes met mine again. They had a glint in them that I couldn’t fathom. 

My brows furrowed. What was he up to?

Adrian’s smile dropped. 

“I-I guess we can wait then. You can rest a bit then we can start negotiating.” 

“I don’t negotiate with women abusers.” Manuel spat coldly. His remark made my heart thud twice. Was he standing up for me? I couldn’t help but feel touched. 

“My word is law. I have a contract already drafted. You can read it and sign it but you have no right to make changes.” 

Adrian bowed his head like the scaredy-cat he was.

 “Yes, Alpha.” 

I scoffed internally. He was so pathetic and weak yet he vented his anger on me to make himself look strong. What a loser.

My heart relaxed for some reason. Maybe I was glad that Manuel didn’t pick a Luna yet. But I knew it was inevitable. 

His fated mate was someone else’s Luna so whether he liked it or not. He was bound to choose someone else. The mere thought sent a sharp pang of pain to my heart. 

It was supposed to be me. I was supposed to be his Luna. Not some chosen she-wolf. 

A fit of inexplicable jealousy began to grow in my heart and I felt myself growling. 

Adrian and Manuel raised their heads to stare at me. Manuel’s eyebrow hiked up sexily.

 “Is there a problem?” Adrian asked with creased brows. 

I felt heat creep up my face realizing I had growled out loud. 

“No… there isn’t.” I cleared my throat. “Please excuse us.” 

‘Ladies, go wait in the guest room.’ I mind-linked the girls and walked out of the lounge. I needed some air. Being in the same place as Manuel had me on edge. 

His scent was teasing me and my wolf came alive. She wanted him. She wanted our mate. 

But I couldn’t give her what she wanted. Even if I was shameless, can he accept a she-wolf that was marked and claimed by another man?

Anger that was not mine surged through me and I felt a disconnection in my mind. 

Great. Now my wolf was pissed at me and detached herself from me. Just what I needed. 

I rushed to the backyard using the kitchen door. My heart was banging so loud in my chest. I ran behind a tree in the garden to calm myself down and come to terms with what was happening. 

My mind was in turmoil and I could feel myself trembling. I knew I had found my mate when I just turned 18 five years ago but I didn’t get to see him. 

I just took a whiff of his delicious scent and that was it. After getting marked by Adrian, I dared not attend any gatherings as a Luna apart from those held in our pack. 

Afraid I would stumble upon my mate and he would see the mark on my neck. I was not proud of it. A mate’s mark is a werewolf’s pride and honor but I loathed mine. 

I heard the rustling of leaves behind me and I instantly became alert. Someone was here. 

Before I could turn around, the scent of sandalwood and grapefruit with a hint of peppermint reached my nose. 

Damn. I began to panic. What was he doing here? Did he follow me?

No. I can’t face him right now. What should I say?

Deciding to bolt instead, I was about to run when I was pulled back by my dress and pressed against the tree. I tried not to wince at the impact. My wounds from the beating I got were not yet treated. 

My heartbeat accelerated when my eyes met cerulean blue eyes. Manuel was pinning me against the tree!

I accidentally took a whiff of his alluring scent and my core knotted. His body close to me was radiating heat between us and the electrical sparks were to die for. 

Manuel curled the corner of his lips into a cocky smirk. 

“Why did you rush here? Are you running away from me?”

He leaned down as he said that. His breath was burning my face like flames. He was so close. Too close. 


I looked away, avoiding eye contact but I couldn’t control the erratic racing of my heart. Nor could I control the sparks flying around us that were making me tremble.

Panic surged within me and I repeatedly shook my head. Goddess! This was dangerous. If Adrian found me like this, I’ll be as good as dead. 

Manuel raised a brow, trying to hold my gaze.

 “No? Then why are you nervous? Do you know who I am? Your heart is beating really wildly in there.” 

He pressed himself closer to my body. Our bodies were stuck together with no space in between. It’s like we were molded as one. He leaned next to my ear and whispered huskily. 

“I’m your mate.”

With that I felt a tingle shoot through me, making my core clench. 

“Please… don’t do this.” I pleaded.

As much as I was enjoying his touch and the sparks. We couldn’t do this. 

A gold ring swirled around Manuel’s eyes, followed by a red one and I saw him sniff the air. “That’s not what your body is telling me. I can smell you. You’re horny. Do you want me, baby girl?” 

A low erotic sigh escaped my lips when he pressed himself deeper into me. I could feel his hard cock pressing on my abdomen and I wanted nothing but to stand on my toes and rub my mound against it. 

Goddess, I could tell he was big. So big. 

The sexual tension between us was intense. Was this how the mate bond felt like? His manly pheromones invaded my personal space, tempting me. I looked into his eyes and saw lust swirling in them. 

Damn, he was one hot guy. So tantalizing. 

Before I knew what was happening, Manuel buried his face in the crook of my neck and began to suck on it, almost biting into it. 

Jolts of electrical currents shot to my core making it ache unbearably. It was clenching repeatedly and I wanted Manuel to do sinful things to me. 

I couldn’t hold back my moans. What was happening to me? He was just sucking on my neck yet I felt like I was in heaven. 

My hands reached behind me, clutching the tree tightly as I tried to gain my balance. My knees felt weak and if not for the tree, I was afraid I would fall to the ground. 

Manuel sucked on my sweet spot for far too long, right where my mark was. I had no time to be shocked as I was far too lost in the pleasure he was bringing me. 

The feel of his soft lips on my skin was heavenly. He brought out a side of me that I never knew existed. He made me feel pleasure like never before and we weren’t even fucking. 

Manuel was sucking on my neck vehemently. When he swirled his hot tongue around the spot the tingles I felt were electrifying. It felt like fireworks were exploding in every fiber of my being. 

“Ahhhh,” I trembled as shock after shock of intense orgasm rippled through me. I couldn’t believe I just came from mark stimulation. 

Manuel pulled away and stared down at me, that same strange glow of gold and red swirled around his eyes once more. His fangs were extracted, piercing into his bottom lip and drawing blood that trickled down his chin. 

Oh my. He looked so hot that I wet my panties a little more. 

‘Where are you?’ Adrian’s ugly voice booming in my head made me feel like I had just been dropped into a pool of ice-cold water.

I pushed Manuel back and he retracted his fangs, looking baffled. 

“Please… we can’t do this. It’s not good for a Luna.”

Manuel’s demeanor suddenly changed when I said that. His eyes turned dark and broody. Anger radiated off his aura and I almost shrank at its intensity. 

 “Don’t use that title. I hate it.” 

He left after saying that piece, leaving me confused and all hot. Why did he get so angry?

He was right earlier though. For the first time in five years, I was horny. 

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Bola Law
please let the readers use data alone and not bonus to read on this app. thanks
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I'm glad I started reading this book from the app suggestions. Great story so far. :)
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I feel bad for Lea and Arissa both.

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