07~ The sparks between us


I looked around the backyard to make sure no one saw me getting nasty with Manuel. This would blow out of proportion and I don’t think my body could endure another beating.

The wolfsbane in my system was yet to be completely flushed out for me to regain my healing ability.

My heart was yet to calm down from the earth-shattering orgasm I had just experienced. I won't lie. I wanted more. Dare I say, I had secretly hoped Manuel would lift my dress and fuck me right here against this tree.

That swollen hard thing that I felt in his pants. I wanted it.

He had made the mistake of making me taste something I could never have. Now I craved it like I was an addict and Manuel was my personal drug.

After making sure there were no prying eyes, I rushed upstairs and went to the master bedroom. I needed to clean myself up. I smelled of sex pheromones and I didn’t want to get caught.

In the shower, I couldn’t help but want to touch myself. Manuel had made me feel things I had never
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Winfridah Muthee
wow I love your book...
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alice patricks
oh wow..I'm so glued. the level of emotional stimulation is tearing with a smile on my face and anger down somewhere keep up natie

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