09~ Choose your pick


I closed the door to one of the guest rooms and patted my flushed cheeks in an attempt to calm down. When Manuel asked me why I became Adrian's Luna, I didn't know what to say.

I mean, what was I supposed to say? He forced me? That would just look like I was making up excuses.

Adrian did force his mark on me but staying was my choice. I had resigned to my fate to protect those I love.

Many times I thought about leaving the pack and staying in the human territory but being a lone wolf for too long turns you feral. My parents didn't want to become rogues either so I kept what I was going through to myself.

I sighed, running my hand along the wound on my waist that had just closed up. It had healed pretty fast. Was it because Manuel was my mate so his saliva had a quicker effect on me?

Strange how the bond between us was still strong. Was it a sign that there could still be hope for us?

Stop it, Lea. How can you think so selfishly? You've been claimed by another, Manuel
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I am enjoying and loving this book
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Tracy Alverson
I absolutely love this book so far ...

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