57~ My blood, my soul, my life


I clamped my walls around his already stiff manhood at his words.


“Hold on tight.” He whispered and took off before I could get my bearings. The wind blew past us as the trees around us became a distant blur. It always amazed me how fast he could run.

Was it because of his vampire side? But that side is mostly dormant. Could it be that his abilities started seeping through when his wolf became injured and weak?

Would he become a full vampire or how will things turn out when his wolf is no more?

My heart clenched in pain when I thought of this. No matter what he says, I still feel like it’s my fault. I’ll have to ask Sienna for the solution to save his wolf and help him.

In a few minutes, we had reached the mansion’s porch and my eyes widened, my legs tightening around him.

“Wait… we left our clothes. What if there’s someone waiting for us in the house?”

He let out a low chuckle, walking through the door and kicking it shut.

“No one can come here without my

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what happened to Adrian whore Natalie and fake friend Arrisa ,I hope they die alone with Antonio

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