60~ An Alpha of Alphas


Antonio had crossed the line this time. Five years ago, we fought for the Alpha title and I won fair and square. The only reason I banished him and my other two brothers is because they continued to undermine my authority wanting to go on with our father's slave trading business.

It was abhorring to think in this day and era, people still want to buy and sell slaves.

We were hidden from humans but it doesn't mean we were stuck in medieval ways. Even our houses were rebuilt to suit modern times.

Yet my family thought human trafficking was the only way to make money as a Mafia organization.

I begged to differ because I had made way more money from running clubs and selling weapons than they ever could with selling innocent pups.

The ban from the pack was for five years and even when he showed up here again, I gave him the benefit of the doubt but it seems he had been plotting to usurp the Alpha's position in the dark.

I won't show him mercy this time.

Lea was still

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