62~ Family


A low growl rumbled from Manuel’s chest and before I knew it, he slid backward, jumping off the couch, and was in front of the two men in a split second, grabbing their necks and slamming their backs against the wall.

“You have some nerve coming here!” He thundered, his powerful voice shaking the windows. And even if it wasn’t the right time, I couldn’t help but clamp my legs together as my core throbbed at how sexy he looked. It was very rare that Manuel displayed his power in front of me.

I almost forgot he was an Alpha and a Mafia boss in the human world.

Damn, he was so hot.

“Whoa whoa… We mean no harm! We just want to come back home!” One of the men said.

He had a buzz cut with light stubble on his chin and blue eyes. The other guy had long hair just on the top of his head, with blue eyes too. It seemed blue eyes were a thing in this family. They had both raised their hands in surrender.

“You expect me to believe you after what Antonio has done?” Manuel roared, he

Thank you for reading. Only have one today. Couldn't finish editing the other one as I suddenly fell sick. Do you think Manuel and Lea should trust the Salvatore brothers?

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goodnovel comment avatar
great chapter Antonio might have a spell on them and they don't know so no I don't t trust them but I hope I'm wrong
goodnovel comment avatar
Natie, Hope you feel better soon.
goodnovel comment avatar
Trisha Reynolds
I want Lea to mark him and find out she’s pregnant since they had lots of sex during her heat. The brothers I would be cautious of do t trust them.

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