63~ A favour


That night, we had dinner with Manuel’s brothers. I could tell that they were not bad people. Perhaps they just followed their older brother blindly.

Manuel didn’t say much but he didn’t look that indifferent either. I did most of the talking, asking what they had been up to outside the pack all those years.

I discovered that they lived among humans and did odd jobs to make a living. It must have been hard to pretend to be normal when they had beasts within them wanting to be let out. I just hoped they had really changed otherwise Manuel would be sad and feel bad about trusting them.

It was now the next day, I had attended some lectures and went to Arissa’s apartment to initiate her into the pack but I heard she left the territory to go shopping with some Omegas.

I was leaving the packhouse when I bumped into Sienna. She smiled when she saw me, changing her course and walking towards me.

“Good afternoon Alpha of Alphas.”

“Please call me Lea… or Luna.” I giggled. Everyo

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