64~ A bad feeling


My other brothers' arrival came as a shock to me and with a lot of suspicions.

I mean, why now? Their banishment had ended a while ago but they chose to show up now? I couldn't help but wonder if they were in cahoots with Antonio since they used to be his loyal sidekicks.

But the Alpha's command is absolute right? That was the only reason I was relaxed and agreed to initiate them back into the pack but I didn’t dare to put my guard down.

Seeing them reminded me of my past and if Lea wasn't around, coping with that shit wouldn't have been easier.

Goddess, thank you for that woman. She's a gem. I don't know what I would do without her.

Last night, I had just held her to sleep while she clung to me like a koala. She listened to me as I spoke my innermost thoughts. Now that I had let those haunting thoughts out, I felt better. Lighter, even. It was as if a huge boulder was ripped off my back.

I was now seated in my office, smoking a cigarette as I took in what Mario ha

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