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Sienna looked at me like I had grown an extra head. She removed her hand from mine as her heart banged hard in her chest.

"Are you crazy? Why would you ask me such a thing?" She shook her head, standing up and pacing back and forth in front of me, looking horrified. "The Alpha will kill me. I can't do it, Lea."

I sighed, getting up from the couch and walking towards her. Looking into her eyes, I took her hand in mine and then placed my other one on top of hers.

"You know it's the only option we have. What if losing his wolf means he will soon lose his life? I caused this so let me fix it. Please?"

She looked torn, biting her lip and frowning as if trying to decide.

I squeezed her hand. "I can't live on knowing he died because of the consequences of tainting a mate bond. I'll end up following him if such a thing happens. Please… I know you want him to be ok too, right?"


"No buts. Just agree to do the ritual. I'll find a way to lure him there."

Sienna looked at

Thank you for reading. Just one today because I had been at home for two weeks so decided to go watch a movie before I explode. I hope you enjoy your weekend. We are towards the end... only a few chapters remaining.

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Kevin Terry
what happened is they dead no no no t his can't be happening
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Trisha Reynolds
Please tell me there is a happy ending she has suffered so much and so has he. Oh Lord I’ll be patiently waiting

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