73~ An objection


If someone tells you that women are complicated, believe them. Not even the world’s most intelligent man can understand these creatures.

I, for one, didn't know what to do with my little witch right now. She was so hot and cold.

Sometimes she seemed as if she wanted me, other times it was as if I was her worst enemy.

When we all thought the Alpha was dead, she had become very sad. She blamed herself for being a pureblood witch who was supposed to ensure nothing is going against the natural order of things. I remember how hard it was for her when she gave me that golden dagger to use in case something happened to the Alpha.

The last three days had been difficult for us all. I spent most of the time comforting Sienna as she cried in my arms, but the moment the Alpha woke up, she pushed me away like I burned her.

I won't lie, she confused the hell out of me. Did she want me or not?

"Aren't you supposed to go train the warriors or something?" My feisty witch's voice snappe

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Kevin Terry
who is this person that's interrupted their seramony alright go away soon lol
goodnovel comment avatar
always someone trying to rain your parade
goodnovel comment avatar
what happened with Natalie in the end I feel like she hasn't been written about in a while and left some loose ends?

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