74~ Sweet


I rolled my eyes when I saw who had just interrupted our union.

The person who had objected was none other than Natalie.

She was such a pest. I can't believe she didn't give up until the end. Had she no shame?

"What are your reasons for objecting to this union, Lady Natalie." The former Beta asked while the rest of the pack members looked between Natalie and us.

I’m sure they hoped they had some popcorn with them to enjoy while watching this short telenovela.

Manuel had his brows furrowed and I knew it was only a moment from now before he exploded.

I gave his hand a squeeze and he looked at me.

'Chill. She's just shooting herself in the foot.' I said through the mindlink.

'I know. It's just that, I feel bad that she's resorted to this. She did help me out a lot but I will have to punish her severely this time.'

"He can only get mated to me because I'm carrying his child!"

Oh boy! I felt embarrassed on her behalf. Did she think we were still in the dark about he

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Kevin Terry
I love it so much Thanks for saying Manuel
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Rhonda Hawkins Childers
is this it?
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I want Emilio to find love

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