80~ A rooftop dinner


I took Lea out on the pretext of going baby shopping because I wanted to surprise her later on.

It had been two months since we found out she was pregnant and she had already started showing.

Wolfie babies grow faster than normal. To add on, I had some vampire genes. I didn't know how fast they would grow.

"Boobear, how's this?" She raised up a pink onesie that said, I'm daddy's girl.

I raised an eyebrow. "What if they are boys?"

"Well, we will get neutral clothes. But don't you think this is cute?" She said as she admired the piece.

The look on her face showed how much she loved our pups even before they were born. She looked so breathtakingly beautiful.

Taking out my phone from my pocket, I took a picture of her and she snapped her eyes to me and blushed.

"You're taking sneak pics of me again." A cute pout formed on her lips and I chuckled as I put the phone back into my pocket.

"Can you blame me? It's because of your ethereal beauty."

Her heart skipped a

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your support for being with me from the start to the end. This chapter concludes Manuel and Lea's story. I worked hard to finish all four chapters today because today (the 5th), is my birthday and I want to have a day off but I also wanted to finish the book. If you enjoyed it, please give me a gem and leave me a review on the main page of this book. I love you all. This month marks one year since I began my writing journey... I don't have giveaways yet but I hope I'll improve so much next year to do such events for you, my lovely readers.

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Diane Flood
What sex were the twins. Did Emilio go to his mate.
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Kevin Terry
I'm waiting for chapter 2 and HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more to come AMEN ... ...
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Seraphina Beryl
loved this book
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