I was forced back into the duties I thought I’d escaped. Yes, forced. A warrior dragged me back to the kitchen and I got a good scolding from Maria. She did not know I ran away. All she cared about was the perfect execution of the hand-over ceremony. Nothing else mattered but her reputation as a diligent and dutiful event planner for the Silver Moon pack. The warrior hung around the kitchen. Every time I came out with a tray, he was there, keeping an eye on me and trailing behind me to make sure I didn’t escape.

This was Kade’s way of ensuring I did what he asked, that I continued to stay back in this wretched pack, acting as his slave for the rest of my life. The thought of how long I would continue like this made my shoulders sag as I carried a stack of plates to the large hall that would soon be open to guests.

Today, I was part of the cooking and catering service so I put on a white shirt and black skirt like all the other omegas working alongside me. It would be a long day. The o
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