“What do you mean your mate?” Kade was the first to speak after the deafening silence that followed Cahir’s words. He took an involuntary step towards me and I stepped back.

Nervousness made my heart pound a fast rhythm that made my heart ache in no time. Everyone was looking at me now and unused to attention, I wanted nothing more than to crawl into a hole and hide.

A frown contorted Kade’s features, the doctor and Aristo had matching looks of surprise while Warren – The former Alpha looked calculating. Cahir growled as Kade took another step towards me.

“Alpha Kade, one more inch –“ He left the threat open, crossing his arms in a false laidback display. His corded muscles bulged through his shirt as he crossed his arms tight, glaring at Kade.

I felt a storm brewing in the room and by the look of things, I was not the only one feeling the incoming eruption between the two incumbent Alphas in the room.

“Why do we have to deal with all these people now,” Asena sighed, annoyed with the
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