Sihana had a nice body, no man would deny this. Her full chest and round hips complete with a cinched waist and straight legs enticed many men in the pack. Her full pouty lips and doe eyes were enough to weaken even the toughest man so I had my work cut out for me. Every time a man looked at her with lust in his eyes, I made sure he had too many problems to distract him from her after that.

I earned myself a reputation in high school for being a tyrant and a bully as there were rooms full of men to be dealt with there. When the time to leave for college came, I made sure to apply to a college close to home. Who knew what would happen if I left for four years? I may come back to see some idiot took her away.

Even while doing all these, while making sure she never had a boyfriend, or that a boy even dared come close to her, I knew I could not have her. As an Alpha, I needed a strong mate to lead beside me, a woman who could give me strong children to take over from me and lead th
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They want to stop her from having happiness
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I hate all this bullying & abuse that is happening to her & all that the whole pack put her thru even her father & now they want her to stay & continue to be bullied cus she has a gift! The goddess needs to punish this entire pack

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