I was leaving my mate behind for the second time since this ordeal started. Unease pricked my skin and my wolf paced restlessly, more concerned for the safety of our mate than the safety of the millions of wolves in Alpha Blood.

'Are you sure she'll be fine?' Perseus asked, continuing to pace. 'Aristo, that bastard, you're sure he doesn't know that particular hideout?'

'I'm about sixty percent sure,' I responded truthfully, aggravating my wolf. 'He is the beta of this pack and he grew up roaming these grounds so there's every possibility that he knows the grounds better than me.' There was no shame in admitting that my beta was more familiar with my lands than I was – it was his duty to survey the pack and report to me, after all.

'Will Sihana be safe?' Perseus wanted reassurance but it was something I couldn't give him because I too had my doubts. It did not show on my face but I was terrified of leaving Sihana and the baby for a second, knowing my beta could find them and
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