“You smell fantastic,” Cahir burrowed his nose into my side. “I love this smell.”

“You’re saying that because I smell like you.” And I did. He’d thoroughly covered me with his scent and he’d enjoyed every minute of it – I had too, there was no denying it but at this point, I was too tired to speak.

My eyes drooped as he kissed my skin, his body heat telling me he wanted to go for a third round. My stamina could never match up with Cahir’s but now, I was heavily pregnant so I didn’t even try.

In my second trimester, I’d become a horny wreck but these days, I found myself wanting to do nothing but sleep and sleep and then sleep some more.

“I’m so tired,” I mumbled in a sleepy voice. “And my back aches.”

“Do you want a massage?” His innocent words were tinged with heat that added an extra layer of meaning to his offer.

“No, thank you.” I pushed up in bed. “Uggh, being pregnant is the worst,” I grumbled but then the baby kicked and I winced.

“She heard that,” Cahir said with a chuck
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