Alpha's Second Chance
Alpha's Second Chance
Author: Salani


LOGAN – 4 years ago

I am standing here, watching as she packs her stuff. I have tried to talk to her, wanted to make her tell me what is going on in her head. I have tried to find out why my mate, my daughter’s mom, wants to leave me. I have been everything I possibly can be for her while she carried our daughter. I show her my love and my trust. I had her help with the pack as my Luna. I thought we were good.

“Mia, sweetheart, please talk to me. What happened?” I try to take her into my arms, but she steps away.

“Don’t; I am done. I am tired of this.” She says, not even looking at me.

“Tired about what? Mia, please.” I beg her.

“Everything.” She sneers. “I hate this life; I hate being here. I hate being a mom. I wasn’t ready for that.”

“You know we can’t control what happens when you go to heat Mia. We will manage. I will help you. Like I have been all the time. You’re not alone. She is ours.”

“I don’t want her!” she screams at me. And I look at her.

“Mia, please don’t do this. We can figure it out together,” I tell her.

“No, you can keep her. I don’t want her. I just want to travel and enjoy my life. Not think about a mate or a fucking baby.”

“We can still travel, sweetheart.” She doesn’t answer. Grab her bags and turn to me.

“No, I don’t want to be a mother. I don’t want her or you.” I gasped, already feeling my heart being ripped.

“I, Mia Andrews, Reject you, Alpha Logan, and my daughter Rosalie. I denounce my role as Luna for the Blood Moon Pack.” My heart is being ripped apart. Feeling her rejection, also she denounces the pack.

“Goodbye, Logan.”

She left. She left and didn’t think twice about it. She left, ripping half of my heart. Titan was whining in my head, wanting his mate. I was on the floor, fighting not to fall apart. A loud cry rips through me, and I realize it is coming from the nursery. I get up and walk into the nursery, and there in her cradle, my little, sweet, beautiful baby girl is crying. I know, without a doubt, that she must have felt the family bond break when Mia rejected her as her daughter.

I lift her up and hold her close to my chest. I know what I need to do, not only for my sake but for my daughter, who I now have to raise on my own. I can still feel the bit that is left of our bond after she rejected me. And I need to erase that if I am going to find out how to deal and move on. So I feel for the rest of our bond and find the mindlink.

‘I, Nathan King, accept the rejection and denounce of my mate and Luna, and as the mother of my daughter. I, with this, ban her from the Blood Moon Pack.’ I feel the last piece of my bond with Mia disappear.

I will devote myself to my little girl. Raise her to be a strong and kind person. I will fight to be everything she can possibly need in her life. I will do anything to keep her safe and happy. My pack must have felt what happened, but I cannot deal with that today. Today it’s about me and my little rose.


I am Logan King. I am nineteen and have been The Alpha of my pack Blood Moon Pack. The strongest pack there is in North America, since I was seventeen. Not only are we the strongest pack, but I am also the youngest Alpha and the strongest one seen in several decades. Only a few know why or how, but my most trusted ones do. I am a descendant of the last lycan king that lived in our world five hundred years ago. No one had known that his daughter had given birth to a boy after she had been mated to a wolf. But instead of doing what every lycan that had found a wolf to be their mate, rejecting their mate.

She fell in love with the wolf, and four months later, she had secretly given birth to a son. They told everyone that the boy had not survived. Everyone had thought it had been for the best, but they didn’t know that because they feared her father would kill the child, they had given him to be fostered by a wolf couple, an alpha, and a luna that could not get their own children.

When the son had grown into an adult, he found his mate among the wolves. And that is how it went on, and the form my ancestors shifted into became wolves, instead of Lycans, but wolves that were much bigger and stronger than other wolves.

When I turned sixteen and didn’t get my wolf, my parents were worried, but the day I turned seventeen, Titan came to me, and I finally met my wolf. Everyone had been shocked by his size and the incredible strength and power that came from Titan.

A few months after I had gotten Titan, our pack was attacked by rouges, and even though we won, I lost my parents. Despite only being seventeen, I was chosen to be the Alpha, and from that day, I have done everything to keep my pack safe. And over the years, other packs and Alphas have come to fear me and stay away from any fight against me.

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