OLIVIA - Present Time

“Harder, Olivia. I know you can be better than this.” My brother Matt with the demanding tone of a teacher.

Trying to satisfy him, I kick the bag harder and faster and do a series of mixed-up kicks and hits. Looking behind me, I see him nod approvingly.

“Much better. Come sit down.” And I walk over and sit down next to my classmates.

It’s Friday, and every Friday, he tests us. Sometimes like this where we show strength on the boxing bag. Other times we fight him or each other. My brother is an awesome teacher, but he is also trained by our dad, just like I am.

Our dad is one of the best warriors in the pack, and for him, it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl. Saying we live in a dangerous world, he thinks that every wolf should be able to fight, at the least, to protect themselves. So since I was a kid, I had been trained solely by my dad until I was old enough to join the first training program.

Many say that dad is the best warrior, but when the old head warrior passed away, Alpha chose a close friend of his instead. Dad had said nothing and just went on with his life as usual. Taking care of Matt and me after our mom died from Wolfsbane, how she was poisoned no one knew.

Being Friday, our Alpha, Alpha Colton, came by to see how training goes. I had started to become very uncomfortable whenever Alpha was around. Because of everything, I would find him following me around with his eyes. And when I caught him doing it, he would wink at me.

Some packmembers say that Alpha has started going insane after his mate and Luna was killed doing a rouge attack. They say he has become unpredictable and has ordered many women to his bedroom, where some of them didn’t leave from there alive. Everyone thinks he should retire and let his son Carter take over, but he refuses and says his son isn’t ready.

Carter was okay, not someone I had ever had a whole lot of contact with, but he seemed fair and friendly with everyone in the pack. He was 22 years old and had yet to find his mate.

I sat here, lost in my own thoughts, and a big shadow suddenly covered me. Looking up, I saw Alpha Colton looking down at me before sitting down next to me.

“You are a very skilled fighter, Olivia.” He said as he looked me over, his eyes checking out my curves.

“Thank you, Alpha,” I answered, trying to hide, but it was hard since I was wearing shorts and a sports bra.

“And very beautiful. You look just like your mother.” His eyes checked me out again, making me want to crawl out of my own skin and hide.

Before I can answer, my brother comes over and respectfully greet our Alpha before he tells me to go home for today. I jump up, grateful for being told to leave, and hurry out after saying my goodbyes.

Entering our little house, I go straight to my room and strip out of my training clothes before I enter my bathroom to take a shower. After the shower, I get dressed in ice-colored jeans and a tube top. I don’t usually use a lot of makeup, but I add a little mascara and lip-gloss.

Tonight is the eighteenth birthday of wine from my class, so there will be a party tonight where everyone will wait and see the girl shift for the first time and if she finds her mate within the pack.

Finding your mate is a huge deal. Your mate is your soulmate, the last piece of yourself. We can sense our wolves when we turn sixteen, but our wolves are not able to shift or recognize their mate before we turn eighteen. It does happen that a guy will sense his mate even though she is not eighteen. But most times that this happens, the guy waits without saying anything.

It also happens that mates reject each other. For the one doing the rejection, it means he or she won’t get a chance of a second chance, mate, which happens mostly if someone loses their mate. But not everyone gets a second chance.

We also don’t communicate with our wolf fully before turning eighteen. So we don’t talk all the time. Our communication is by emotions, which can be a little distracting if you get a sassy wolf.

By dinnertime, I went downstairs and had dinner with my dad and brother. But unusual go how we always talk and have fun. It was quiet and tense. I didn’t ask why assuming dad must have had a stressful day.


“Yes, dad?” I looked up at him.

“Tomorrow, I want you to pack a bag. We are going to visit your grandparents at the Blood Moon Pack. And we leave Sunday, so make sure to pack anything important you wouldn’t want to leave behind, as we will be gone for a while.” He tells me, making me look at him.

“Why? Is something wrong?” I ask.

“Your grandparents are getting old, and they miss you two. So we agreed we would go there for a while. It has all been agreed to by our Alpha to go visit some family and also the Alpha of the blood moon pack.” He explains.

“Okay, dad. I will pack tomorrow.” I answer, and he smiles.

When we are done eating, I help with cleaning up and then hug dad before I go to be at the party. Matt is joining me because maybe she-wolf could possibly be his mate, and he is becoming anxious about finding her soon.

After being at the party for an hour, we saw the girl find her mate among one of the newly shifted guys. And it is amazing to see how their souls pull them together in a warm embrace full of love. I want that when I turn eighteen in a month, to find my true mate whom I will share my life with.

Again I was so lost in thoughts that I didn’t see the person approaching me before sitting next to me. And I am a little shocked to see Carter, the Alphas’ son, sit down next to me.

“Hello, Olivia.“ He greets me.

“Hello, Alpha Carter,” I answered respectfully.

“Ah, I am not the Alpha, so just Carter.” He says, smiling, and I smile back

“I hear you and your family are going to visit some family from another pack.”

“Yes, we are,” I confirm.

“That is great.” He says, still smiling, and after a little while, he stands up and mingles with the many teens here.

After another few hours, Matt finds me, and we agree to go home. As we were leaving and on our way, we heard someone call our names, and someone came running toward us. Turning around, we are shocked to see it is Carter.

Matt, Olivia.” He greets us before continuing.

“I wanted to talk with you.” He says and looks at us.

“What can we do for you, Alpha,” Matt says, taking charge.

“Please, Matt, don’t call me Alpha, and I want to help you.” He says, and we look at him, me unsure about what he wants to help us with.

“When you go visit the other pack. Don’t come back, especially you, Olivia. Stay there, where you can be safe.” He says.

“What do.” I begin, but Matt cuts in.

“It is all under control Carter,” Matt says, looking at Carter, that looks back at him and nods.

“Good, know I am sorry and trying to end it. I wish you all safe travels.” With those words, he left.

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