Goddess, she is beautiful and just simply incredible. And her scent was driving me and Titan crazy. I had to get her out of there so we could calm down. Linking our hands with the cuts in our palms didn’t just make the regular surge of power.

No, my entire body felt like a dozen firecrackers went off, and my skin sparked. The only other times I had ever felt like that was when I was mated to Mia, and not even then had it felt this strong. I know she felt it, that it was the reason her legs gave out on her, and I had to help her. Not that I mind. Having her close had felt amazing.

There is only one problem, well actually there are two, but I am not too worried about one of them.

One: She is only 17, and there is about a month until she turns 18. I could tell her. But I don’t want to do that. I want her to experience the matebond and the magical feeling of finding her mate.

Two: There is a psychotic Alpha wanting to

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