I woke up to an alarm from my phone. I had chosen to get up early and go to join the morning training. Even though Alpha Logan had given us a week to settle in and get used to being in a new pack. I decided I was going there today, as I felt like I needed to do something today.

I chose to put my long blonde hair in a high ponytail. Then I dressed in my workout leggings and my sports bra and took a hoodie on.

I walked out of my room and through the one-plan house that Alpha Logan had gotten ready for us to go live in. As I entered the kitchen, I saw dad was already awake. I walked over to hug him and then found an apple that I could eat.

“Morning, dad.”

“Morning, Muffin. Slept well?”

“Yes, so good I think I want to go check out their Morning training program,” I tell him, and he smiles.

“That sounds good. You must have a good workout, then. Maybe I will come by and watch

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Stephanie Delage
I just started this book and already am in love with it. It's so awesome to see that Liv is such an empowered woman and will defend herself from the ignorant jerks who try to touch her inappropriately. Can't wait for more and how often are updates?! I'm hooked already lol
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Karen Marquise Bearden
Love this book so far!
goodnovel comment avatar
Connie VanCurrick
I am Loving this book and can't wait to read more ...️

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