“Don’t. Stay like this,” I say as she is about to turn and face me again.

Fuck I really shouldn’t do this. It will only make it so much harder for me. But she smells so fucking incredible as her arousal fills my bathroom.

I gently pull her into me, her back against my chest. Then I slowly work my way up to her perfect breasts again. Her nipples are hard and pokey, so I run my thumbs over them softly. She moans a little, and the sound makes my already hard cock, harder.

“Do you ever touch yourself?” I ask her, whispering against her neck just below her ear. She nods, and I nib on her earlobe, making her moan again.

I reach over, grab my intimate soap and put a little in my hand. Kissing her neck, I nudge he legs to spread a little. Then I lay my hand on her sweet hair free pussy. I first soap her in, then I find her little nub and softly begin rubbing my fingers on it. Her moans have made me

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He should really tell her if he’s going to be starting a sex life with her.
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Love the story
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Melissa Clark
I’m so ready for her to officially know her mate!

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