I don’t know for how long we have been sleeping. But I woke up to the little voice of my little princess.

“Daddy.” I turn my head to look back at her.

“Hey princess, you can’t sleep?” I ask her, whispering, so I don’t wake up Liv.

“No, and I can’t find Liv.” She says.

“Liv is here, next to daddy,” I tell her, and she comes over, her eyes widening when she sees Liv lying here sleeping.

“Did she have bad dreams too?” Rose asks me, and I smile at her innocence.

“No, she just wanted to sleep here. It is okay, isn’t it?” I ask.

“Yes, but I want to sleep here too with Liv.” She whispers.

“There is always room for you, princess,” I say, lifting her into the bed. And she snuggles down between us.

“This is nice, daddy. I like it.” She says and yawns.

“Me too, princess, now back to sleep.”

“Love you, daddy.” She says, and I smile.

“Love you too, Rose. Sweet dreams.” I say, thinking that is it, but.

“I love Liv too.” She says as she falls asleep. My heart warms at her words, happy that my
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Loving this story, completely captivated! I got so caught up in reading I haven’t commented. Have to ask IF nothing is going on between them…why the hell is he allowing her to be wrapped around him like that? Wtf?! He knows he’s got a 2nd chance mate but he’s allowing her to see him with another!
goodnovel comment avatar
Waiting for the update ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Karen Marquise Bearden
Loving this book! Ignore the negatives about how often you post. People need to understand that you have responsibilities

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