Seeing someone from my pack find their mate is something I have always enjoyed. We watched them leave the packhouse, and I glanced at Liv. She still does not look at me, and it is starting to get to me.

“I have one phone call. Could you be with Rose till I am done?” I ask her, hoping she will look at me so I can see her beautiful eyes.

“Yes, it’s fine. I will always be here for Rose.” She says and finally looks at me before going up the stairs. It might be wrong, but I can’t help but hope that spending time with Rose will make her more willing to listen to me.



After we had watched Matt and Anna find out they are mates and leave to talk and get to know each other, I agreed to look after Rose for a little while. I walked upstairs and into her room, where she was playing with her dolls. When she saw me, she jumped up and ran into my arms.


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When are we getting more chapters?
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Aaron Brewer
the tension is so thick, you can almost cut it with a kn!fe........
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Melissa Clark
How much longer until she finally find out Logan is her mate??

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