The next morning, Navy awoke with the worst hangover of her life… Not that she had many in her life to compare it to but this was definitely the worst one ever… maybe in the history of mankind!

She groaned at the buzzing alarm on her cellphone and, with her eyes tightly shut, felt around her night table for it. When she couldn’t manage to turn it off with her eyes still closed, Navy threw it into the pile of dirty clothes in the corner of her room.

But much to her despair, doing so did nothing to silence the dreadful noise, Navy groaned and pulled her quilt over her head. Once Navy managed to roll out of her bed, she pulled on a tank top and a pair of shorts.

“Never again…” Navy whispered.

She padded barefoot to the kitchen, where she found Paige sitting at the narrow breakfast bar, with her head on the table… Thankfully, her friend had managed to make some coffee.

“Kill me… please…” Navy said to Paige. “This time I mean it…”

“Too much work…
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Yep Navy is is hooked by Victor

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