Around seven o’clock, Navy entered her apartment. She knew that Victor was staying late for a conference call to settle some things with a presentation he would be giving at an upcoming conference in Las Vegas.

She had offered to help him and stay just in case, but Victor didn’t want to hear about it and dismissed her, sending her home, to rest and prepare for the next day.

“‘Really, Victor, I can stay… It’s no problem…’” she told him.

“‘You already did what was asked of you. For today, you’re done. Have a great evening, Navy,’” Victor replied and without adding another word, left the office.

It still felt like a brush-off, all the same. She couldn’t shake the feeling that he was uncomfortable being in the same room with her, and Navy wondered why he hired her if her presence made him so grouchy… so cranky?

Navy made her way to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of red wine, and when Paige ran into the kitchen to greet her, she poured one fo
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Hermilla Jattan
this is an amazing read im enjoying this very much
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Bella Jersey
And the game has began ladies and gentlemen

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