Navy pushed the heavy door open using her hip as she held two large coffee cups in her hands: a latte for herself and a double espresso, no sugar, for Victor. She often worried about his caffeine intake as he would surely have at least three more before he went home for the evening.

Victor looked up at her with a broad smile. Was he smiling at her because she was there, doing a great job as his PA? Or was he smiling because she was there holding his double espresso?

“Navy Remington, how did you know? Woman, you are a true goddess… This was just what I needed… Thank you so much.”

‘Great! I am the goddess of… coffee… How pathetic am I?!’

“Oh, it was nothing,” she told Victor. “I just thought… Well, I know that if I came in holding only the one for me, you would just spend your day pouting.”

He stood and met her in the middle of the office. Somehow, without a reason in particular, Navy took a half step back.

“Me, pouting?” Victor asked. “I think you
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Bella Jersey
Alright it’s party and let’s see Victor handle Navy in bathing suit

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