Victor and Navy spent the next four days at the convention, attending workshops, lectures, and presentations, and Victor even did a presentation of his own. Of course, he nailed it. The meeting with Ben Randall had gone splendidly. He was absolutely charmed by Victor, as Navy knew he would be.

When they exited the last event of the convention, they realized that they still had most of their last day left to explore the city. Navy was looking forward to the opportunity to check out some of the sights of the Las Vegas Strip on their last day, but she knew Victor was a workaholic, so she assumed that he would have something planned to keep them busy.

“So, what’s the agenda for the rest of the day?” she asked, turning to him.

She scrolled through the calendar on her phone and didn’t see anything that they’d scheduled. Victor held the door for her and they stepped outside into the blazing sun.

“Oh, God this heat…” he huffed. “I keep forgetting about it. Quit
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Bella Jersey
They need each other bad

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