Her flavor played along his taste buds and a moan crawled out of his throat as ripples of pleasure raced through his veins. Her whimper lingered in the air as she quivered beneath his mouth and the headboard banged as she pulled on it.

“More…” Navy whispered, and Victor heard the need, the impatience in her voice.

“I like tasting you… I love when you come in my mouth…” he said, not nearly ready to take her. “I want more… Tell me you want it too…”

He didn’t want to stop… He wasn’t ready to end their encounter. Victor wanted to play with her for a little while, and take command of her body. Navy whimpered her response and began panting as he stretched her lips wider, opening her up to him even more.

Damn! The view was breathtaking... The taste of her, divine…

Giving her more of what she wanted, he ran his tongue over her, licking from bottom to top before pushing it in deep. She squirmed in response, and with that, he buried his face between her l
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Lean Cantara
i love it..thank you emma
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the sex was fckng mind blowing.. my brain had just been fckd hahahah well done. by far , this is the best sex scenes across the books. my new fave. i love it.
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Marlenny Fernandez
Wowwwww!!!! That was so juicy and incredible. Well done author. Impressive, perfect. I love d it

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