Victor let himself into Navy’s apartment with the key she had given him. He was already booked in a suite on the Strip, for convenience of his scheduled meetings, but he knew that he would be spending every night in Navy’s bed.

Speaking to her on the phone the past few days was quite strange. She was… distant, and cold. Not her real usual self. When he asked her if anything was wrong, she gave him an ‘everything’s just fine’ that he didn’t quite trust.

He shook it off, telling himself that the awkwardness came from the distance, the stress, and working too much and that things would be fine when they were actually together in the same city.

Shutting the door behind him, Victor inhaled. He could smell her everywhere and smiled satisfied. Now that he was back with Navy, every day was a relief. He felt lighter and stayed positive, even when work became too much, he knew that he had Navy. Yes, there was distance between them but she was only just a
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Marlenny Fernandez
Honestly, this Navy girls infuriates me. She’s so closed minded and very gullible. She is being working with victor for a long time and knows that all that shit that’s being said about him are lies and she knows Keera lies and still treating victor like shit. She’s so stupid

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