Chapter 5

"Did you plan this to happen? Did you plot for this? You didn't right? You can't... you won't betray me because you are Zanth. You are my bestfriend." He only looked at me in the eye and at that very moment. I couldn't fathom who is it that is standing before me with his eyes dazzling in menace.

I lose my strength. Every bits of it until holding on to him became impossible for me to do so.

"How can you..." My voice cracked. My chest started to feel stuffy like there's invisible weight that is making hard for me to breathe. Pressing my hand against my chest in hope that it might soothe me but really, it didn't. I end up bending my knee on the cold floor of the secret tunnel. At the very same place that surely marks a twist, turn and change in our relationship.

"Kalon, I am your bestfriend but just like everyone else around you. I feel tempted with having power and control in my hand too. Even the Gods and Goddesses are greedy for such thing. How can I not when an opportunity present
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