#Chapter 6 - Tell me

Ansel laid on top of me with his jaw clenched, diminishing any amount of bravery I once had. I find myself petrified. He may have said that he wasn’t a brute, but the sharp look that he gives me makes me feel different. I could feel his hardened manhood still pressed against me.

“I could smell you on the stage,” he says through clench teeth. “I’d know your scent anywhere. Suzuran. Lily of the Valley. How fitting that they lied about your name using Lily in particular?” He tightened his grip around my wrists, and I fight the urge to cry out. “I loathe liars, particularly the ones who have the boldness to lie to me right in my face. I take it very personal when people don’t have the conviction to speak the truth or do right by others, especially those who have never harmed them.”

I know the words hold a double meaning. This is revenge. His hatred for me and my rejection is clear. I don’t want to speak, but I gather my bearings. Maybe I could use his current state to my advantage. I swal
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