#Chapter 27 The Pinch

Elena’s POV

King Harvey grabs Jane by the back of her shirt and throws her into the wall behind us with medium strength. I can tell he is restraining himself. Jane collides into the marble wall with a dense thud and groans in pain.

This was only enough to give her pause, I can tell.

“That blood on your face, Elena.” King Harvey notes factually. “Better be Jane’s not yours.”

I open my mouth to answer as he helps me up, but Jane’s pitiful howling stops me. She shakes her bleeding head as she tries to stand from being thrown into the marble wall. She slumps over on the floor, panting. She then throws herself on all fours as King Harvey steps in front of me protectively.

“Beta Tom! Teach Elena!” King Harvey says suddenly.

King Harvey steps to the side, enough for me to see.

Beta Tom walks behind a half-way transforming Jane. Jane is on all fours, her human flesh now a dark fur color. Her hands are now paws.

She glares at me with a lowered head, eyes glowing silver.

Beta Tom shows me his h
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