Running away

Everything was going according to plan, I knew I had to run because if I didn't then the consequences would be fatal

I made a big mistake while trying to escape Brett's hold, and now I was running for my life trying to reach my house. It wasn't that far but just out of the woods in a calm and decent neighborhood

My house wasn't that big, but my family had lived there for years even before I was born. My dad died during a battle leaving me with my human mom

She was everything to me and I spent all my life protecting her and making sure no one bullied her for being the only human among werewolves

I was lucky enough to have taken all my father's genes. I was a complete werewolf

“Mom…mom!” I called out to my mom immediately, and I rushed to our house and opened the front door.  

I slammed the door shut and locked it securely. I didn't know if she was still around, seeing how the lights were off. I had the urge to switch on the lights, but I was too frightened to attract any attention.

I just escaped from vicious monsters who were still after me. I needed to get my mom out of there before they came for us

“Ahh” I heard a scream coming from upstairs. My heartbeat quickened as I made my way to the stairs. It was my mom's voice. I heard more groans and struggling and the breaking of things, which scared me.

I was completely naked as I ascended the stairs, forgetting the sharp pains I was feeling. My body was covered in bruises and scratch marks, showing I put on quite a vicious fight just to get to my house. I would have escaped if Brett's wolves didn't see me.

I tried running, but they shot me with something, which made me lose control and shifted into my wolf form. Everything was so blurry. I didn't even know who I was attacking, but I caused quite a scene just to flee from there

 I reached the top of the stairs and rushed to my mom's bedroom. Our house was a three-bedroom house with a decent living room. A kitchen and a dining room with a small study room where my dad used to have most of his meetings as the beta of the pack, but since he died years ago. I used it as my library

“Mom…mom…what's going on?” I shouted as I banged on her door. The struggling and sounds of a growl continued scaring me. I wanted to break the door down, but it was locked. I would have shifted into my wolf form, but I feared losing control.

“Mom…mom!” I yelled again and to my shock, the door opened. I quickly rushed in and gasped seeing how bloody it was. The bed was shattered. The mirror broke, and the entire room was a mess. I spotted my mom breathing heavily while holding two stakes. She was covered in blood, both from the monster she just killed.

“Mom…what happened here?” I asked and grabbed her by the shoulders. She was looking down at the man lying in a pool of dead blood, and when I shifted my eyes to the naked body lying there. My hands immediately moved to my mouth as an exclaim escaped my throat

“He tried to kill me…he was in cahoots with Brett…sweetie…you killed someone you shouldn't have and now…we…we…need to go," my mom said, regaining her wits as she threw away the stakes in her hands. I was surprised by what she said, but when she turned around and found me rooted in place looking at her weirdly. She pulled me towards the door and dragged me out of her room

“Mom… I didn't kill anyone who didn't deserve it…” I said defensively, knowing Brett and his wolves deserved nothing but death. They wronged me, and now I wondered how she came to know of this

“It was a trick sweetheart…you don't know what you've done, '' she said as we reached my room “get dressed now…we need to go before sunrise,” she said and started packing my things. I was agitated and scared as I did as told. My mom was panicking, despite how cool and collected she appeared. I refused to believe anyone would charge me for killing those wolves, knowing they were hurting me. If I had to face the alpha then so be it

“Mom I won't run away…it's time I had a word with the alpha…he should know what the females of his packs have been subjected to," I said, refusing to run away without putting up a fight. I wasn't guessing, nor did I kill anyone. My mom stopped what she was doing and looked into her eyes. I saw pain and tears lingering in her eyes. 

“Skylar and I were looking for you…we bumped into Drew, sweetie…you don't know what you've done… I, too, want to fight and stop this…but they'll just kill us both…” she said as she ran around my room gathering anything I might need, I was stunned but not too shocked, knowing a day like this was likely to happen.

“W…where is Skylar, mom?” I asked while putting on my dress. I was so filthy and sticky, covered in dried blood and mud. I felt so disgusted that all I wanted was to take a long shower, but mom was rushing. It was better I did what she said, unquestionably.

“I sent her to the pack house secretly…she cleans there. I want her to find out what's going on,” mom said as she zipped up my backpack. It was full of clothes and everything. She tossed the heavy back to me and I caught it after I wore my sneakers. Everything was happening too fast for me

How did my day end up with me running away for something I didn't do intentionally

“I'll get my things…hurry,” she said and stormed out of the room. I paused, not sure if running was the right thing, but when I heard voices coming from the forest to the left side of our house. I knew we had to run.

“This is madness” I muttered and tied up my shoelaces. At least I needed to clean my face.

“Damn this tap” I cursed when I tried to open the tap water but no water was coming out. I quickly opened the cabinet just above the water sink and took out some bottles of medicine as well as some ointment for my mom. She was a human who didn't heal quickly like me; hence I gathered as much as I could and stuffed them in a small bag kept in the bathroom. I ran towards the bathtub which had water in it and lowered down to just wash my hair.

It was too bloody with mud. I did what was necessary. The cold water stung a little, but I managed to even wash my face and by now it was clear. 

“This should do, “I said as I stood in front of the mirror and quickly pushed my hair back. It had some dirt in it, but I ignored that and tied it up and used a tissue to clean my face. I looked pale white, as if blood had been drained from my face. My lips were a pink color, but now I looked like some vampire.

“So much for hating vampires,” I said with a scoff, and moved away from the mirror. I scanned my bathroom before getting the small bag and knew I would miss my bedroom. It was my favorite, and dad made it. Even at 20 years old. I had everything like a kid. All my things and stuffed animals. I smiled, recalling all the lovely memories I had in my house.

In times like this, I missed dad more than anything

In the past, he used to be the Beta of the pack but when his friend and alpha of our pack died that was when I was just born. Everything fell apart

My mom told me the Alpha's son took over as the new leader. He didn't recognize my dad as the most respected beta and when my dad died, our lives turned into a living nightmare, and now it led us to running away from our pack. 

“What's that smell?” I asked, smelling something burning. I grew alert and took the small bag and rushed out of the bathroom I was stunned when I walked back to my bedroom and found my room in flames

“No…no…mom!" I called out as I tried to rush to the door, but the fire was scorching hot and everything was burning up. The room was covered in smoke which made me cough. As I tried to reach for the doorknob. I was desperate to get to my mom.

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