S*x toy


“I want you at my fucking mercy,” he pulled me to him and kissed me hungrily before letting go. “Little puppy, I want your body trembling under mine,” he declared as he unzipped his pants. His shirt was already off, and I swore I yearned to run my fingers on the black fleece carpeting his chest. 

“Stop it now…have some shame…what…” I was agitated to look at him. I didn't want him to think I said yes to his advances. However, he ignored me and dragged his trousers slightly down so that I could see the top of his shaft. 

Damn it, he was huge, I recalled how it pained me when we had sex the other night.

“Shh, let's play kitten,” he whispered and brought out his cock, so huge and hard with veins popping out. For goodness was he a 9-inch ? 

“Nothis doesn't seem right,” why was I so nervous? He smirked evilly and stroked himself a few times. I saw some pre-cum on the tip. I swore it hurt while doing that, but he didn't seem to mind

He shoved me on top of the desk as soon as he stripped off my clothes. He bent me over and held me by the hair.

Damn, the pain was unbearable as he gripped my hair so tight.

“Lift your leg,” he commanded, and like a fool, I did as told. I felt so exposed, something I'd never done before, but when he started rubbing the tip of his cock all over my p***y, my entire body shuddered. The pleasure started building in, and I found myself trembling. 

“Dammit, so fucking tight,” I heard him groan as he entered me, 

“Ah!” Just having his cock halfway inside me made me feel restless. The pain from the previous act started. I clasped the edge of the table for support as he continued his way in. He knew I was a virgin, the damned man took my virginity when he was in. He adjusted me comfortably and withdrew. I felt empty for a few seconds when he thrust in.

“Mm,” it felt wonderful, I couldn't moan out loud, afraid of someone hearing her. But Mason started giving me shallow thrusts, going slow for a few seconds, then faster. I was unable to hold it when I arched my hips and rubbed my luscious ass back, so I could feel I'm.his powerful hold on my shoulder moved to my neck.

“Mm yes,” I loved it, I didn't know sex could feel this good. This magical thing happened when he stopped right when I was about to orgasm. He flipped me on my back.

“Spread your legs,” he ordered while I tried to adjust comfortably. This was insane, my entire body was covered in a cold sweat. He glanced at me and his gaze was sinister.

“You'll love this,” he murmured as he entered me in one go, I threw my head back while supporting myself with elbows resting on the desk.

He was standing as he pounded on me, the slick sound of our joined members made me cry out in ecstasy. I was so close to reaching my orgasm, but he seemed to be enjoying torturing me.

“Please… I…make…make me come,” I pleaded while thrusting my hips forward. I was starting to get tired from the insane position he put me in. As if he noticed how I was struggling. He lifted me off the desk while still inside me.

“Legs around my waist,” he commanded, and I was told. But now he was standing while I was coiled against him, my hands rested on his back. He guided me to the lounge. He carefully placed me on the couch and lowered himself down. He began thrusting, this time he hit my G-spot, which drove me insane. I couldn't hold my moans. Every bone in my body was shaken. My mouth hung dry as I let him do as he wanted. I caressed him, felt his flesh. Kissed him on the chest. Called out his name as the wave of orgasms clouded my mind.

I found myself whimpering, gasping for air as I came hard. Trembling against him. My walls clenched around his cock violently. 

“Ah, more…” I wanted more, I never felt so much pleasure exploding within me and I wanted this to continue. But to my surprise, Mason withdrew from me. My eyes flew open and found him standing away from me.

“You seem to like my cock inside you,” he let out a scoff as if proud of what he did. Oh my god, did I just fall into his trap again?

“Never again,” I spat out, feeling ashamed of myself. I quickly ran from the lounge to get my clothes. This was so embarrassing, like a fool he watched me with his lustful eyes.

“Little girl, I'm not asking you to be my bed warmer… I want you to be,” he said, as if reminding me of what I had to do. I already said no to him. He was older than me; hence this was bullying. 

“Not a chance,” I said once I was done dressing up. I fixed my hair and stormed out of the office and slammed the door shut. I would work for him as his PA, not his sex slave. 

Mason chuckled as soon as the little one left his office. He was amused by her. A few minutes ago, she was moaning and asking him to give her more. But now she was acting up.

“Eventually,” he muttered, and stared at the red panties on his desk and picked them up. She left it. He stared at it for a while, smirking as he shoved it into his pocket. He wasn't done yet.


“So, you came back?” Like a fool, CJ asked with a smirk. Of course, I went back to the bar. I had so much going on in my head that only drinking could solve it.

“Well, it's not like I have a choice you know,” I said, arching my brows and continuing to sip on my cocktail from the straw. 

“Hahaha, baby girl I like you…if you want a tiny job here… I can give you,” CJ chuckled and sat down. He was behind the counter. The bar was halfway packed. Well, it was just 8 pm, and people would flood the place by 9.

“No, pass…is this how you treat your employees?” I asked, recalling how I ended up getting laid all because of their silly idea.

“Baby girl, you need to know when to shoot your shot…these men who come here…are filthy rich,” CJ said and poured himself a drink, what he said made no sense to me. I wasn't the type of girl who trapped men for money.

“What makes you think,”

“This is a free world…just make a pick and have fun,” CJ added with a sly smirk tugging at the corners of his lips. I was about to reply when Skylar joined us, she looked tired from a distance. 

“Damn, I'm done for the night,” she said breathlessly and dropped onto the chair next to mine.

“It's not even midnight…get to work,” CJ frowned, seeing how Skylar was acting all lazy.

“Give her a break, my baby girl is tired,” I said with a chuckle, Skylar glared at me thinking I was teasing her.

“Have fun ladies… I'll be around,” CJ excused himself and went away, Skylar grabbed my drink and gulped it down in a go.

“Well, I envy your mom…she's busy on a romantic date…we should find men as well,” Skylar blurted out, and I was shocked.

“Date? My mom?” I thought I heard wrong, but Skylar seemed to realize what she said. The glare I gave her had her opening her mouth to tell me everything they were hiding from me.

“She found this hot billionaire, both are going out… I think she wants to marry him,” Skylar remarked, and I nearly fell off the chair. When did mom make such a decision without my permission? I told her I didn't like the idea of her getting married. She had to answer me. This was not done. Who exactly was the man.

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