Chapter 16

"Liana, this is for you!", Betina said condescendingly as she placed a credit card in Liana's hands. "The password is nailed to the back of the card. There is $500,000 inside. Consider it my kindness to you. I know you don't want my money, but can you afford to reject it? Just take a look at yourself!" she continued. "I don't even think Dylan wants to admit that you are his mother. Don't talk to me about pride, the thing you need most right now is money, so take my money and shut the fuck up. And this is the last time Edward and I will see you, you don't deserve anything more than that. And by the way, I'm going to marry Edward soon, don't worry, I'll take very good care of that son of yours.", After saying her piece, Betina turned to leave.

"Wait!", Liana spoke behind her, and Betina was expecting Liana to get angry.

"Why? Am I wrong?", Betina teased, and Liana just threw her credit card toward her.

"Take your trash and go away!"

"Liana, I am trying to help you, you have become so
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