Sniffing Her Mate

The luna had spoken at length to Audrey about the pack that were to come the next day. She had spoken about poise and charisma and had told Audrey that she was not to be at the fields, training. She was to exude all the charm that daughters and heirs of packs exuded and she had been bored listening to her mother give her all the detailed lectures. Some of which she did not even need.

"Mother, is it necessary that I act the way you have asked me to?"

She asked lazily at a point.

"It is not how I have asked you to, it is how you should the royal daughter that you are. You are not supposed to carry yourself like any common member of the pack"

Her more replied sternly.

"Well, I will chose to be myself at anytime regardless of the people around and the place that I find myself. Again, I find that having to act like the royal daughter that I am limits me from doing a lot and being myself_"

Audrey said. She had learnt to always speak her mind and she did that everytime no matter w
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