My heart pounds as I look at him. At first, I can’t say anything. It’s too much of a shock. This is all I want. I know this is who I’m meant to be with. That knowledge drowns out everything else.

“Of course,” I say. “I’d love to. I…”

I lean over and hug him, ecstatic that he’ll be mine forever. I’m so grateful I never told Sebastian I loved him. I’m grateful we never went through with the marriage. Deep down, I knew there was something more out there for more. Someone more.

We kiss and I’m reminded of how lucky I am. How much I want this.

“When?” I ask once words return to me.

“As soon as possible,” he says. “It feels like I’ve already been waiting for you forever. I have been waiting for you for my whole life to be fair. I don’t want to wait longer than I have to.”

“I don’t either,” I agree. I hesitate. I’m worried I’ll scare him away by making things move along too quickly, but deep down I know he wants this just as much as I do. “My eighteenth birthday is tonight at midnight.
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