No one speaks the whole way back to the pack.

Lance stares straight ahead. He has to in order to avoid falling. I watch him, hoping that somehow we can escape. Though I know it will be difficult to. I have no idea how we could ever get away from them now. They have us completely helpless, surrounded on all sides.

Walking forward is taking us one step closer to our deaths, but there’s nothing we can do but keep walking forward.

Everyone is angry and tense. I thought our capture would make them happier and it has seemed to cheer them up a little, but it was a long night for all of us. And they keep looking at Lance like this isn’t done yet. Like they’re far too eager for his death.

“They’re here!”

Voices reach out to us before the rest of the pack is even in view. They must’ve been listening for our arrival, their senses extra alert. They must all be waiting for us.

They rush over as we emerge from the forest. People who were supposed to be part of my pack, who were supposed to
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