When I open my eyes, the moon is above me.

I don't know how long I have been lying here for.

The night is freezing and I am stiff from lying on the ground for so long. I shiver, and my joints protest as I sit up.

I am still in wolf form, and I'm shocked to discover where I have ended up.

I have subconsciously run up the hill Val took me up for our private chat.

Beyond the cliff edge, I can see the whole forest.

Plumes of smoke rise into the air from chimneys and campfires, from every pack as far as the horizon.

But I am alone.

I have no pack.

I have no home.

I have no one.

I am a rogue.

I am alone.

Suddenly, a voice in my head speaks.

It is my voice, but it is different from my usual inner thoughts.

"You are not alone, Rylie. You are a luna."

The voice comforts me.

The strength of my lineage.

Of every luna that came before me.

My thoughts become clear.

I have to keep moving.

I have to keep going.

I have to keep running.

I start to walk away from the cliff edge.
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