Spending time in the water together is like a dream. Brian I talk about nature, we talk a little bit about the past, we talk a little bit about the future.

I know he's still holding a lot back. That much is obvious. There are things he won't talk about, there are ways he's shutting me out.

He has so many walls, I don't know how to get behind them. I don't know why he's so aloof. I don't know why my mate holds so much space between us.

But at least he's opening up to me in a way that he never opened up to me before. He's letting me get to know him. And getting to know him is wonderful. Getting to know him is everything I've dreamed of in a mate.

I hope that means he's changed his mind about leaving. I hope that he'll stay even once we reach his pack. I can't imagine us being apart now. I can't imagine him wanting us to be apart now.

But it's still a little tough. Because I felt this way before about him, and he still wanted to leave me. At one point in time, he wanted to sell me.
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