“What do you mean, he can’t escape unless someone helps him?” Jasper asks Layla, who’s been showing him how to wield the magical cage and other items she has created to keep the Moon Rabbit under control. “Who would help him?”

“Not everyone who encounters the Moon Rabbit is aware of his trickery,” Layla warns. “You’ll need to be very careful about who you trust with this information, and who you allow to speak to him when he’s in human form.”

“Right.” Jasper nods.

“Remember,” Layla says darkly, “that not so long ago, you yourself were quite willing to help him achieve his aims.”

Jasper’s face turns red, and he looks at the floor.

“I think we’ve covered everything, then,” I say.

“Thank you,” Jasper murmurs.

There’s still some things to be ironed out back at the pack house. Nash and Sarah won’t allow Jasper, Regan, or Isaac to leave until they sign a covenant that Layla has enchanted. They promise not to attack, betray, or otherwise harm any member of the San Dieg
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