The bear shifters take us back to their camp. The heavy scent of bears is thick, but I can’t see Orsina. Various other bear shifters come out of their tents and campers as we approach.

Zach, I see, is awake now, with bruises around his eyes and a glazed expression on his face. I stand next to him, trying to prop him up, and see Jasper doing the same thing on the other side. The three of us huddle together, our arms bound, our muscles aching after the unfair fight.

A short, stocky man with a thick beard approaches us. “I am Barrett, the Alpha of this bear clan,” he declares, crossing his arms and glaring at us.

“Please, you have to listen to us,” I beg, trying to get through to him. “We aren’t trying to hurt anyone. In fact, we’re trying to fix everything. Your family is under a curse -”

“I’m aware,” Barrett snarls. “The curse of the filthy wolves. They’ve been stinking up our territory for generations. You have killed our family members, encroached on our lands, and stole
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