“Please,” Ben says, with a certain pleading in his voice that I’ve never heard before, “we’re all each other has left. Don’t blame us for what our parents did. They aren’t influences in our life anymore. We aren’t them.”

I almost come out of my seat to attack him for that comment. How dare he say something like that about our parents? He’s making it sound like they did something wrong. When I know they haven’t done anything wrong. How could he sell them out like that?

The tone of his voice stops me though. Ben is truly worried. He’s vulnerable right now. It wasn’t easy for him to say that. And it’s not easy for me to see my brother like this.

So, I don’t say anything. We all sit there and wait for Ryan’s decision. Because this is my fault. I have to trust Ben and what he’s deciding to do to fix this. I’m thankful he’s even here.

“Okay,” Ryan says finally. “I’ll let her go with you. I won’t keep her here. But I better not see her around here again.”

Ryan turns to me in that command
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