Grief is not something that can be overcome in a matter of months, but it grows softer over time.

However, two months is just not enough time.

The loss of my brother, who raised me, my mate, who had been my heart, and then the death of my unborn daughter that I had been the cause for, is enough to break a person.

Not a day goes by when I don’t regret my actions and wish I had listened to Caleb.

My hands settle on my flat stomach as I sit on the rock outside the home that had belonged to me and James. I have been living here for a month now. I’ve not yet summoned the strength to go looking for Caleb.

A part of me feels guilty now that I remember my strong attraction to the man when I had just lost the love of my wife. That guilt has transformed into waves of self-hatred.

What kind of woman looks at another man when the body of her mate has not even turned cold?

I look around, feeling my stomach rumble.

I had considered going back into town but there are still rogues there. Clyde
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