My jaw goes slack at his bitter declaration, “What? True mate?”

“Yes,” Damon sounds almost defeated.

I look in the direction of where Aliya escaped and I hesitate, “How is that possible? She’s a witch-“

“And I’m a shifter,” Damon snaps, sinking on top of a log and glowering at the ground. “I’m well aware that we are different species, Lucas. I’m not blind.”

“But it can’t be possible-“

“And yet it is!” He looks at me, both defeated and angry at the same time. “It is possible because it’s happening.”

I don’t really know how to react right now, “Has it - Has something like this ever happened before?”

“We’re looking for answers. We’ve not - The bond hasn’t set in place. We’ve held it off but it’s getting harder and harder to do.”

The despair in Damon’s voice is hard to ignore and I study him in silence, trying to rack my own brain, “There must be some precedent.”

“We haven’t found any-“

“But records have been lost and destroyed by the Order,” I insist. “You c
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