It’s easy to see how passionate Sarah is about the fairies and trying to help them. I care too, of course. But seeing how much it affects her makes me even more motivated to do what we can to solve the mystery of Leena’s disappearance.

Too bad it seems like most of the pack doesn’t feel the same way. The search feels like a half-hearted one, without a lot of enthusiasm behind it. And I worry about the lack of progress.

Regardless, I try to focus. Sarah and I work together to search the forest and sniff out any clues. Still, we come across nothing. And when we all reconvene at the end of the night, we learn that no one else has made much progress either.

“We’ll have to try again tomorrow,” Sarah decides.

Many members of the pack sigh. And I wonder if it’s my fault. Has her absence made them more disobedient? Would they be more willing to listen to her if she never left? Did I cause this strife?

A familiar guilt haunts me and I wish I could go back. I wish I could fix every
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