Chapter 8

The sound of Rocky’s laugh grated in her ears.

Leigh walked faster. She did not want to hear any more sound coming from him. The more she walked away, the better her mood became.

Leigh stopped at the first door she passed by and tried on the lock. It was closed. She continued walking and tried opening the next door she saw. It was also locked. She walked further into the hall and found another one which turned out to be locked, too.

When she reached the end of the hall, she pulled her suitcase up and let the handle go in resignation. All the rooms on this floor were all locked.

It was like the owner did not want her here. No room was prepared for her.

She turned her head around to shoot a piercing glare at Rocky’s room before angrily grabbing back the handle of her suitcase. Then, she made a three-hundred-sixty-degree turn and stomped back angrily to where she started - back in Rocky’s room.

‘Rocky planned all of this!’ Her mind seethed.

When she reached Rocky’s room, she re
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